Monday, July 2, 2012


My mom and sister visited last week to help build a deck/landing for the door on the backside of the granny unit.  Besides being a fun and helpful deck crew, they both have a good eye for photos, and its refreshing to see the site through new eyes.  Here are some of their photos, showing what the structures in the backyard look like these days...

Living paving: salvaged blocks/bricks from site and chamomile


  1. When I needed a rubber playground surfaces I found these guys. They were great and affordable.

  2. As a fairly new gardener, I am appreciating this new post and archival posts. I especially enjoyed the post on piling branches (etc.) In a trench for returning nutrients to the soil. We have a huge expanse of Sandy soil above our remodeled yard and we are beginning our rainy season so we are anxious to hold down the sand, reestablish the nutrients there,and to reuse the green stuff we had to remove in the yard renovation. Thanks for all the posts.