Saturday, December 19, 2009

Introduction to Natural Plasters and Paints Workshop

Where: Here at the Villa, El Sobrante, CA (10 minutes north of Berkeley)

When: Feb. 6th & 7th

Cost: $150 per person

$250 for two people signing up together

Includes all materials and lunch both days

Instructors: Massey Burke and Sasha Rabin

For more information contact Sasha at, or

This two day workshop offers a hands-on introduction to working with clay, sand, and fibers to make beautiful, non-toxic plasters and finishes. These methods and materials can be used over conventional sheetrock as well as earthen and straw bale walls. We will process both unrefined and store-bought materials into plaster and paint, and we will apply these finishes over both earthen walls and sheetrock.

Participants will leave the workshop with enough understanding of the materials and process to mix and apply their own paints and plasters on a variety of substrates.