Monday, July 18, 2011

A photographic update

Here's some of the latest around here...

Marbled purple stripe garlic

Sanding the floor in the granny unit

Quinoa in bloom

Working on Massey's bamboo and lime roof


  1. I love this site folks and the overall "project", and really enjoyed my (brief) visit in early June, and have talked to many of my Aussie friends about it. Garry McDonald

  2. As someone about to move to El Sobrante AND about to study permaculture--this is amazing! Can't wait to look this place up to visit

  3. it's been years since I saw this place in the early early stages (I'm a friend of Sasha's from Evergreen & was visiting)... it was looking really good already, but this is AMAZING to see. beautiful. nice work.